Our Team

We have assembled a diverse team from around the world who have joined us in our quest to make the planet a better place for every citizen on Earth.

All these wonderful volunteers have dedicated themselves to our cause and work tirelessly to help us reach our goals. We salute these incredible souls.

Leslie Maliepaard

Amour Setter
(Czech Republic)

David Araeva
Creative Director

Bronagh Loughlin (Ireland)
Executive Editor

Fabienne van de Loo
Social Media Manager

Alan Bottoms
Lead Researcher

Emily Doswell (Switzerland)

Frontend Engineer

Alex Muriuki (Nairobi)

Frontend Engineer

João Victor Bittar

Charly Stringer

Eurico Borges

Ugne Aksiutovaite (Ireland)


Tess Nielson
(South Africa)
Community Manager

Christine Cronin (Ireland)

Community Manager

Parth Gupta
Partnership Network Coordinator

Tarryn Johnston (South Africa)

Chairperson – Oversight Committee, Moving Water Alliance

Helen Claire (Germany)

Technical Director – Moving Water Alliance

Rita Aragão
Project Lead – MWA

Pablo Corona Ugalde
Project Manager – Moving Water Alliance

Fahad Naeem (Bahrain)

Virtual Assistant – Moving Water Alliance

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