An alliance that offers its members the opportunity to unite with other river & beach cleanup organisations from around the world, with access to educational material and funding.

An initiative by: THE PLANET CALLS


Our Vision

Our vision is to help our members expand their cleanup projects so that volunteerism leads to sustainable job creation in their communities, while also helping our members to educate their communities in an ongoing effort to prevent plastic pollution.

What you need

• A community of like-minded leaders where you can share, learn, & grow

• Help to grow your organization

• Access to funding

• Social media collateral

• Friends who understand what you do

• A unified voice


What we promote

• Plastic pollution-free oceans and rivers

• Employment opportunities for the homeless & unemployed

• Water preservation

• Education about water conservation

• Zero Waste, Beach & Riverbank Restoration

Alliance Objectives

The MOVING WATER ALLIANCE identifies and develops mutually beneficial relationships between ocean & river pollution cleanup organisations, and external parties for the purpose of pursuing goals that will add value to all parties.

• To expand the reach of MOVING WATER ALLIANCE members

• To enhance capability and competence of its members

• To enhance value creation for its members

• To leverage shared resources for its members

Our Team

Amour is the Co-founder & Director of The Planet Calls, and the brainchild behind Moving Water Alliance. A sustainability advocate & minimalist, Amour was inspired to increase beach & river cleanup efforts around the world after realizing that education alone would never be enough to drive change. She is responsible for marketing & keeping the operation running smoothly.

Amour Setter
Operations & Marketing

Leslie is the Co-founder & Director of The Planet Calls and a circular economy advocate. Her journey to a plastic-free lifestyle is a deeply inspiring one that she candidly shared in a TEDx talk in 2020. Leslie takes care of the financials and fundraising of the alliance.

Leslie Maliepaard
Finance – Moving Water Alliance

Pablo Corona Ugalde holds Bachelor’s degrees in both Civil Engineering and Industrial Design and is also a certified PMP, PMI-ACP, and Scrum Master. With an award-winning background in construction project management, he will be managing all project aspects of the alliance including skills transfer to members, and formation of community recycling, up-cycling & educational centers.


Pablo Ugalde

Project Manager – Moving Water Alliance

Jennifer is an educator, autism specialist, disabilities advocate, and biomedical mentor in Los Angeles, USA working with various disability nonprofit organizations and schools in both the US, UK, and South Africa. She is a doctoral candidate in Special Education with a strong interest in Neuropsychoimmunology and genetics. Her research into endocrine disruptors and the effects of plastic on the human biological systems is due in part to her involvement with her own son’s journey with Autism and autoimmune dysfunction. Jennifer’s work apart from the developmental and educational realm includes her many decades working as a member and volunteer with Maine and New Hampshire Audobon Societies, New York State Trails rehabilitation, Heal the Bay, Boy Scouts of America projects, Greenpeace, and California Coastal Cleanup. She has sat on various boards for international and national nonprofit organizations and heads up the Oversight Committee as Chairperson at Moving Water Alliance.


Jennifer Damian

Chairperson – Oversight Committee, Moving Water Alliance

Membership Benefits

Members of MOVING WATER ALLIANCE enjoy many benefits including:

• A forum of community members where you can connect with and digitally socialise with other project founders and organisers

• The opportunity to share best practices

• Access to educational and awareness content to share across your organisation’s social media platforms

• Access to funding for your organisation or project

• Promotion of your organisation through our platform and networks

Join Us

If you are the founder or organiser of a river or ocean cleanup project, we’d love for you to join us at MOVING WATER ALLIANCE. There is strength and power in unity.


For application to join, please fill in the online agreement form: Click here

Get in touch

Reach out to us for inquiries or comments.



In Summary

Many people don’t realise that every day around 8 million pieces of plastic makes their way into our ocean. It’s statistics like this that inspired all of the amazing volunteers from around the world to tackle the plastic pollution problem on beaches and in rivers. JOIN US TODAY and make a global difference!

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